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Recruiting the right people with the right attitude and skills, shaped around the individual needs of the client.

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Jobmatch is a competitive and professional recruitment company providing everything you would expect and more through it's added benefits for clients and candidates.

As we invest our profits in community-based social projects we are able to additional benefits:

  • Benefit One Better Recruiting

    The ability to recruit local people from your community and beyond in ways that other agencies cannot.

  • Benefit Two Skills & Training

    Access to enthusiastic candidates with strong skills, confidence and experience gained through our extensive skills and training programme.

  • Benefit Three CSR Delivery

    Provide you with solid examples of how by using our services you are contributing to your Corporate Social Responsibility obligations and can create positive PR messages.

"I felt that I was in very capable hands that understood my needs and wanted to exceed my expectations at every point through the recruitment process."

Andrew Baines, Bell Lighting.