Scarborough Jobmatch December 2015 Case Study

Published on 06-01-2016 for Scarborough.

A Monthly Case Study From The Scarborough Jobmatch Team

Jasmine Melville and Jackson Boston Case Study

Jackson and Jasmine came to Jobmatch to see about funding for a Bakery course they needed to complete in order to open their own business.

They signed up to the Leeds City College and were able to gain a maximum of £250 funding.
After completing their LLC training they did some Bakery training at Betty’s in York.
There new business venture opened 3 December 2015 in the Market Vaults Scarborough.

Here are some of the comments from Jasmine and Jackson

“You're more than welcome, we just wanted to say thank you because we know the funding had finished and yet you still helped us and we both really appreciate that.”

We'll definitely let you know when we're opening!

Take care,

Jas & Jack.

Hey Michelle,

“The course went really well thank you, we both really enjoyed it and got some great recipes out of it! Thanks again for the funding, it was so helpful to be able to have that training. We feel more confident about our skills now.”

We'll let you know when we have a launch date in mind, we'd like you to come and be there Back