Future story test

Published on 16-11-2013.


Working from offices based in Hull and Leeds, though making things happen throughout the country, societysoup is a big ideas marketing team applying over 10 years of achievement and innovation to create a better life for the people and communities we serve.

When presented with a new client opportunity together we ask:

  1. Does the purpose of the challenge positively contribute to society or a specific community?
  2. Can the client commit the time and resources required to fulfil this to do the job properly?
  3. Do we have buy-in with key decision-makers to challenge convention to achieve great results?

 If the answer is yes, we’d be honoured to discuss how we might work together to crack your challenge!

Fresh in our approach and with the support of over 20 professionals, we are a specialist division of creative marketing company eskimosoup. We have delivered over 100 initiatives with clear health, environmental and social aims including some of the highest performing communications campaigns and pioneering “technical firsts” for the NHS, third sector, local authority, central government and socially responsible companies.