Bell Lighting

Bell Lighting "I couldn't believe how easy straight from the off they were to deal with."

As an Operations Manager I am constantly battling to provide the greatest level of service to my customers in the most efficient manner. To enable me to achieve these goals I need the best staffs that are available to allow me to flawlessly execute my processes and thus deliver the BELL promise to its customers.

I recently had need to recruit a Warehouse Supervisor which I deem a critical role in my business for the customer and my fellow colleagues. A poorly skilled and or motivated Supervisor makes for an underperforming operation and non-integration into the team which on its own has its hazards.

Having exhausted all of my normal channels for recruiting my ideal candidate I turned my eye to Jobmatch. I couldn’t believe how easy straight from the off they were to deal with. I often refer to agencies as the scourge of employment and an unfortunate evil that I have to face due to my position. I have had to seriously re-evaluate my preconceived views of Jobmatch as they are a not for profit organisation and the entire ethos and method of work with them is different.

I didn’t want a “two a penny” candidate for a very common role and due to my industry specific practises I needed the appropriate skill set. To my complete joy I was not bombarded with candidates that were sort of close or near the brief. I received an appropriate amount of candidates that matched the brief exactly to give me a headache of who to choose but not too many to be drowning. It was clear Jobmatch wanted to meet my needs and not force feed me CV’s in the hope that by sheer numbers I choose the best of the worst and allow them to invoice me.

In short I felt that I was in very capable hands that understood my needs and wanted to exceed my expectations at every point through the recruitment process and that cannot be said for many companies never mind recruitment agencies!

Andrew Baines, Bell Lighting Ltd.